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Gesture of show touch keyboard not work in Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Solution 1:
It can be resolved by editing the registry.
Please be careful editing of the registry.

1. Press the Start button.
2. Run registry editor by typing "regedit".
3. Display the following location.
4. Select the "Edit" -> "New" -> "DWORD (32bit) value"
5. The name of value : "EnableDesktopModeAutoInvoke"
 The data of value : 1
6. Restart Windows.
Or, there is no problem with the build of the previous Windows 10.

Registry file : (Please right click and save as...)

Solution 2:
Please turn ON following setting of Windows.
[Device]-[Typing]-[Show the touch keyboard when not in tablet mode and there's no keyboard attached]

Solution 3:
Set gesture and select "Run.." following path.
C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink\TabTip.exe

How to show taskbar icon

If sign-in other user, taskbar icon is not visible.
In this case, please turn on TouchMousePointer menu in right click menu of taskbar.
V1.8.0.1: If the icon is off, automatically register the toolbar on the taskbar. (will be show confirm message)

Other way, please choose any "Install option" at install.

Reference other sites following:
Microsoft Community : Toolbars I put on the Task Bar disappear with each restart

Too sensitive touch device

To adjustment, by option of "Size of recognize to pointer move". (V1.1.4.1 or later)
([Setting...] - [Full screen] - [Speed/Wheel...] - [Size of recognize to pointer move])

Mouse pointer is not visible (Case 1)

Enable "Show fake arrow cursor" of TouchMousePointer setting.

Mouse pointer is not visible (Case 2)

1.Enable 'Mouse Keys' in control panel.

2.Mouse pointer is displayed, while 'Mouse Keys' is enabled.


Windows system Specification:
- If one of mouse device enabled, Windows system display mouse pointer.
- If not exist mouse device or all mouse device disabled, Windows system does not display mouse pointer.

To check exist mouse device, right click left-bottom corner of screen, select 'device manager' of menu

To disable High DPI scaling

Turn ON [Control panel] - ... - [Custom sizing options] - [Use Windows XP style scaling]
-> We will fix this probrem V1.0.4.1.

Wheel scroll not work in High DPI scaling

If exist "always on top" window, wheel scroll is not work.
This problem occurs any legacy application, without TouchMousePointer.
It is bug of windows system or legacy application.

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